Cast Drawing Workshop

Charcoal Cast Drawing 1

Dates and Times: 


Dates: March 1, 8, and 15

Times: 10-2pm

Location: Grand Valley Artists: 1695 Service rd. NE Suite 106 Grand Rapids, MI, 49505

Cost: $150 for three sessions

Cast drawing is a time-honored tradition going back to the 19th century French academy and is still practiced today in ateliers around the world. The purpose is to recognize the light patterns and structure of the human form, with the benefit of an unmoving subject. The methods learned directly translate to drawing and painting the human figure.

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  • Charcoal pencils
    • 2H, HB, 4B, 6B (2 each)
    • Charcoal powder
    • Black pastel pencil (2)
    • White charcoal pencil (2)
    • White Pastel Pencil (2)
    • Black Pan pastel
    • Paper
      • Canson Grey toned paper (2)
      • White paper 18×24
      • Additional supplies
        • Kneaded eraser
        • White eraser (block form and in a click pen)
        • Exact-o knife for sharpening
        • Sighting stick
          • Should be around 10 inches long, and very light weight. I use a wooden BBQ skewer)
        • Triangular makeup applicators
          • These can be purchased at CVS, Meijer, or Target.
        • 1 inch rectangular brush, something inexpensive.
        • A shallow dish approximately 4-5 inches in diameter.
        • Cut up strips of an old shirt.
        • Board for clipping paper.